Yoga means union - union of environment, the senses, body, mind, and soul.

Yoga is about concentrating on the mind and body to bind yourself to God. It balances the mind, soul and emotions, so we can connect with our individual spirit.

We guide visitors to experience body-centered restful awareness & find the perfect way to do the postures.

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing method improves the metabolism

Crescent Moon Pose

Half moon pose stretches waist muscles ,improves posture & digestive health

Warrior Pose

Warrior pose strengthens thighs ,hips & helps to align the pelvis

Tree Pose

Tree pose strengthens the legs & back

Sun Salutation

Sun salutation tones the arms & thighs

Standing Knee Pose

Standing knee pose improves flexibility in thighs

Palm Tree Pose

Palm Tree pose helps to strengthen the ankles & stretches the back

Chair Pose

Chair pose helps to strengthen the back, legs and abs

Triangle Pose

Triangle pose helps to strengthen the lower bod & tone the waist

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Downward facing dog pose stretches the back & strengthen the whole body

Stand Forward Pose

Stand Forward pose helps to improve concentration & memory. Tones the entire body & aids weight loss by working out subtle muscle mass. Shapes the leg muscles & boost respiration.

Lord of Dance Pose

Dance pose tone the hips & align the spine.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose builds the strength & flexibility in back muscles & can help to correct the posture.

Bridge Pose

Bridge pose strengthens the torso & helps to tone hips.

Spinal Twist Pose

Spinal Twist pose stretches the back & helps align the pelvis.

Shoulder Twist Pose

Shoulder twist pose helps to strengthen the abs , back & align the legs.

Spine Extension

Spine Extension works on the shoulders & could help tone the legs & waist.

Gate Pose

Gate pose help to tone the sides & relieve overall tension.

Grounded v

Grounded V help to stimulate the body & tone the abdomen.