Music & Consciousness

Reconstruct your life with Music

Listening to music is a transformative and healing experience & helps to change the way you relate to everyday life and challenges. Avivo MeditationResort helps people to better understand the effect music has on physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, and the importance of making musical choices that support our health and happiness.

Many people today complain that they suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression.There is connection between the music you consistently listen to and your mental state, moods, and overall sense of well being.

Everything in the Universe vibrates. Everything could be measured with an oscilloscope and shown to have some degree or level of electron activity. The physical body is composed of many vibrations each with specific purposes or goals in mind. The human body is like a musical instrument, expressing numerous frequencies and rhythms in a constantly changing spectrum of life. It responds and resonates in consonance with music, sounds, speech and thought from the environment, and undergoes changes of heart beat, breathing, blood chemistry and circulation of energy in various energy Chakras of the body.

In our Resort we plays Buddha meditation songs, Arabic healing songs & Vedic songs in all Villas, Restaurant, Meditation center,Reception & Pool area for mind & body rejuvenation.