Avivo Resort

Avivo MeditationResort is a located at a secluded beach in Malabar.Each Villa is an architectural masterpiece aesthetically blends the Arabic & Indian style of construction with the comforts of modern amenities in an eco-friendly atmosphere.We used only natural products for construction & followed the fengshui & vasthu style of building.

This is a place where you can simply relax and where you can also enjoy the company of visitors of all ages from around the world.

We will teach you simple Meditation techniques to be part of the nature.

The meditation, yoga & ayurveda all will help you to become more aware of yourself. Learning new life skills and acquire tools to take home, that will help you remain relaxed even in the busiest of workaday environments.

Meditation is the inner science of knowing what is going on both inside and around us.

Avivo MeditationResort is a very comfortable paradise with meditation, yoga & Ayurvedic technique for better living. The secluded atmosphere is really like a fairy tale. A paradise where all your emotional and spiritual needs are met.